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Site Skin


Site skin advertising is our most sought after technology because of its great payout. It gives credibility to your website because of the brands associated with it. For years we have displayed many site skins on our own websites.

Thanks to our multiple partnerships with leading advertising agencies, it's easy for us to find a campaign to match your website.

We will take care of the design of the site skin and give you the technology to make it usable. We find the campaign, you implement it.

The site skin payouts vary based on each specific campaign. Different advertisers pay different amounts. We work on a revenue share model where you take 70% and we take 30%.

The duration of the site skin varies, generally from 3 days to 1 month.

We reward you for your loyalty! We always give site skins to publishers that display our CPM banners.

Here are some examples of site skins we have displayed: