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100% CPM Offers

Offer 100% CPM

« All publishers are welcome at Media-Clic. We offer a quality service to all and want to help everyone grow and improve. Each publisher is treated with consideration. »


The highest payout of the market.

We have been webmasters for years. We manage websites with a strong audience and we know how to earn as much money as possible, without annoying your visitors.

It's been 7 years we have been trying every ad network on the market. We have tried more than 1500 and we only kept the very best.

When you become a publisher at Media-Clic, you indirectly gain access to all of the most powerful ad networks. Consequently, you get the highest payout of the market.

This important network allows us to offer you only the best campaigns. We have unlimited volume, however many impressions you may have.

Generally, if you only work with one ad network only the first page view pays well. The ones that follow don't pay nearly as much. The strength of Media-Clic is to optimize each impression from first to last.

Our banner sizes:

Our offer is very simple: we only offer 728x90 and 300x250. We have extensively tested various banner sizes and concluded that these are the best to earn long term money.

These banners are available above the fold, below the fold, and in your footer.

Our banners are 100% CPM and you can use up to 5 ads per page.



The status of Media-Clic.

Partner : This is the default status.

Gold : This status grants you the access to premium campaigns and site skins.

Premium : This is the highest status at Media-Clic, it is reserved for our top publishers and ad networks.