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Frequently Asked Questions

Foire Aux Questions

What are the requirements for my site to be accepted?

All sites are welcome, however we do not accept warez, streaming, illegal downloads, pornography, and extreme violence.

How much is the CPM on your network?

Many networks will promise you incredible CPM to lure you in but often you end up disappointed.

We prefer not to announce CPM on our site because it is very difficult to estimate. We do a mix of the best picks of the market, all have different payouts.

The CPM depends on the number of page views, the time spent on each page, and many other factors.

The only way to know if our network earns you more than another, is to do a test for 24 hours and see the results.

Am I able to place your banners in competition with another network?

Yes, there is no problem. At Media-Clic there is no exclusivity, we think the webmaster must use advertisements that earn them the most. For example you can put three banners at Media-Clic and leave in a Google Adsense.

How many ads am I allowed to put in pages?

At Media-Clic, we take care of managing and optimizing campaigns for you. You just have to insert the tag and let it run your ads.

Will your ads slow down my site?

Our banners load very quickly, we never use our servers to 100% capacity so that the ads are displayed more quickly..

I want an interstitial, the pre-roll or siteskin, but I do not see in my account.

You must request the innovative payments from our team.

How and when do I get paid?

Payments are made by bank transfer or Paypal. You are paid 3 months after billing.

I do not see the option to get a payment, how do I claim it?

Invoices are generated automatically, you are informed as soon as they are available.

I am an individual with no business, can I join Media-Clic?

Individuals and businesses are welcome on Media-Clic, it's not a concern.

What is the payment threshold to meet to receive their money?

The payment threshold is $25.

What proves to me that your network is not a scam?

Creating a following requires considerable time and investment. Speaking badly of our network would be the worst thing that could happen to us. We do not want to have a bad reputation on the Internet.

All our clients are paid in good time, if you want an e-mail or a letter from us confirming that we are required to pay you, do not hesitate to ask.

If you're really afraid of not being paid, you can request to be paid earlier in exchange for a percentage deducted from your earnings.

I don't want to install the ads-mc.php file but i would like to manage the ads.txt file by myself and to update it by myself.

RĂ©ponse : We do not recommand to use this way but you can find the ads.txt here :

Our file ads.txt will be updated every month.

We advice to check this page every month and to update your ads.txt file often.